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Beauty is a Beast

Beauty Is a Beast  (Zombie Fairy Tales #5)

Beauty Is a Beast (Zombie Fairy Tales #5)

by Kevin Richey (Goodreads Author)

4.00 stars

Beauty is a Beast is a classic fairy tale with a creepy zombie twist. It follows Belle as she is sold to the “Woman in Black” to cover her father’s various debts.  The servants bath and prepare Belle to meet the “Master”. What Belle doesn’t know is that the “Master” is in a cell deep in the basement of the castle…..or that the “Master” is a zombie.  Once taken down to meet the “Master”, the servants discover that the “Master” will not eat Belle and instead he seems to be very fond of her. Once Belle learns to trust the beast, they form a plan to escape not only the cage but the castle as well. Working together the unlikely pair make a rope out of bones and pieces of clothes from the previous victims. After they escape the dungeon Belle is killed by the “Woman in Black” and in an effort to save her life, the beast cuts out his own heart and put it in Belles chest. In the end, Belle is turned into a zombie and realizes that she is in love with the “Master.”

Although, this is a twist on a classic fairy tale, it definitely is not the tale that most children watched.  There is no dancing furniture and no singing tableware. This is a fairy tale that has basic elements of the classic tale (Belles golden ball gown, the red roses, and the beasts blue coat) interwoven with horror elements.

As someone who is not a huge fan of zombie books, I loved the dark twist on a story that is normally a happy story.  I loved the fact that the beast had a personality….even though he was unable to talk.

Kevin Richey, spins a tail about an unlikely team determined to survive and regain their freedom.  I would recommend this story to anyone who liked dark fairy tales.  If you’re a fan of the classic story you will be able to appreciate the “happily ever after” twist that Beauty is a Beast has.  Personally, I thought the ending was very romantic, but tragic at the same time.

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