Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Raphael (The Immortal Youth Book 1)Raphael by Monica La Porta

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Awesome as always!

I received this awesome read in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first installment in the young adult spin off from adult Immortals series. If you have read the adult series you will recognize the same world and we see a few of the same characters but it is centered on a young werewolf named Raphael. We meet him as he is on the run from the Controller and he stumbles across his destined mate. The story takes off from there and keeps you glued to it til the very end.

I love the world building. With each of the Immortals series we see a little more of the world that Monica La Porta has created. In Raphael we find the Den of Regects and the Promenade that runs underneath Rome. Its a whole world unbeknownst to us humans. The characters add a lot to this world building as we are introduced to a street gang of werewolves known as the Reds and find that there is more to each one of them than meets the eye.

There are also many issues that are touched upon that many youths can relate to such as abuse at the hands of authority figures, families not accepting your sexual orientation, as well as gang life and drug abuse. The way the characters deal with their situations really brings them to life.

Each story that comes out in this series and the adult series its connected to keep getting better and better and I've enjoyed them all. They are all stand alone as well as can be read in succession. If you haven't read any of them, wait no longer. If you enjoy paranormal romance you won't regret it.

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