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Notice:  I am very soon going to be taking some time off from The Cotton Patch.  Due to so many life changes I simply do not have the time to devote to it as I would like.  I will be making a few promised posts and participating in the Banned Book Hop and then I won't be back til probably at least the first of the year.  Will make further announcement at that time.

Feel free to contact me with comments, info, or suggestions pertaining to this blog.

You can also contact me via Facebook, the link is available though the tab at the top.


I am interested in a wide range of genra including but not limited to sci-fi/fantasy, historical fiction, biography, non-fiction history and science. I will review most anything unless for some reason I find the material offensive


I am not accepting books for review at this time. My to read list is exceptionally long. When I get caught up on current obligations I will begin to accept requests again on a limited basis. I apologize for this but I have gotten a bit overwhelmed.

If you have a free ebook that you wish to advertise feel free to send me the link and I shall post it here.

Links to ebooks on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc can be posted on my Facebook Page as long as the cover is suitable for any age group. Feel free to post these links as well as any links to giveaways or any other reviews that you think my readers would appreciate. 

Guest Blogging and Interviews

At this time I am accepting guest posts, excerpts, spotlights and I will also do interviews. I am also willing to host a giveaway of your book along with your post.


I give ratings from 1 to 5 stars similar to Goodreads as I also post my review there.

5 Stars means its awesome, wonderful, phenomenal and one that I would read more than once and recommend greatly.

4 Stars means that I really enjoyed it and would most likely recommend it.

3 Stars means that I liked it well enough and thought that some people would also like it. I'm also glad I read it but not likely to re-read this one.

Anything less than 3 stars I wouldn't post a review on this blog unless the author approves.

All the books that I review here I have chosen to read. I'm not paid to read or to write any reviews. All my opinions are my own.


My giveaways are chosen using rafflecopter and its rarely a requirement to follow my blog in order to win. It is, however, always appreciated.

Once a winner is chosen I will send them an email asking for an address if its an actual book or other item to be shipped. If its an ebook or ecoupon I will ask for email verification. If the first email is not responded to I will send a second. If the second email is not responded to the item or items will be put back on my shelf for a later giveaway. Winners are always posted on the rafflecopter form on the blog post as well as my facebook page.
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