Friday, April 5, 2013

The Green Mile

This was hands down a five star read. Having watched the movie and loving it more than once over the years I jumped at the chance to read this when these serials were passed to me. I did read the serials and not one long book and I really enjoyed this change of format. It reminded me of how I watched the mini-series on tv.

If, like me, you have seen the movie at some point over the years then you know the story. An elderly man is telling of a time when he was in charge of death row back in the 1930's and the miraculous
things that happened with a certain prisoner.  This was a story that is so much more than just this synopsis.  Its a story that crosses generations from the elderly life of the nursing home to memories of youth and all aspects of life and death. From the murders committed by those on death row as well as their  own deaths and also death from sickness, old age, and accident. On the flip side is life. Life taken back from sickness, and stretched out as a burden in old age. As well as the horrors that man commits against man.

Overall, I loved the characters. I loved the story-line and I loved how well everything was brought to life. This is one of those books that I would suggest that everyone read. It was a wonderful book that grabs you from the first page and makes you sad to see it end. Loved it!!!!!!

The Green Mile, Part 1: The Two Dead GirlsThe Green Mile, Part 2: The Mouse on the MileThe Green Mile, Part 3: Coffey's HandsThe Green Mile, Part 4: The Bad Death of Eduard DelacroixThe Green Mile, Part 5: The Night Journey The Green Mile, Part 6: Coffey on the Mile

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