Friday, February 14, 2014

Beyond Pain

Beyond Pain (Beyond, #3)Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd book in the Beyond Series and I love the world that has been built in these books. We see a bit more of it in this book as it continues where the 2nd left off. Sector Three comes into play as Bren is asked to start getting things under control over there as the O'Kanes took over at the end of the last book.

This book focuses mainly on the relationship of Bren and Six. Six was taken in by the O'Kanes in the 2nd book and it was quickly discovered she had been terribly abused. Bren was the one she latched on to and she only felt safe when he was with her. Soon he gets her complete trust but she is still fragile and it won't take much to break her heart. Both Bren and Six have a lot of baggage coming into this relationship and both are really possessive. Its difficult to be monogamous in a setting where everyone is so free with their sexuality but they manage to do just that.

Overall I liked the book and love the world that is created here. As were are introduced to new characters I wondered if we would come to know more of them in books to come. An awesome series for those over 18 that enjoy dystopias as well. Can't wait til the next book in this series!

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