Wednesday, April 25, 2012

White Seed

White Seed: The Untold Story of the Lost Colony of RoanokeWhite Seed: The Untold Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke by Paul Clayton
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This is a fictional account of what could have happened to the lost colony of Roanoke. I really enjoyed this story and found it very hard to put down. Clayton really brought to life the time period as well as the characters and I enjoyed the flow of the story very much. I felt like I was right there with them through the voyage and all of the hardships. I could feel their fear after being left behind as the soldiers started descending into madness and became more savage than the so called savages. It was easy to understand how being left with little provisions and being attacked frequently by Powhatan's people would cause them to lose their sanity. Things slowly began to spiral out of control year after year of being left on their own. The sadness over the loss of the children and how disheartening it would be to have your only food sources destroyed time and again. These people had some very tough choices to make in order to survive at all. It would be a natural assumption that they would be taken in by friendly natives or killed by those that were hostile. I could also understand the frustration of John White as time and again he tried to make his way back to the colony with provisions only to be stopped at every turn. His financial backers only concerned with profit and there being no profit in simply saving the lives of the colonists. Not to mention being stopped by wars and storms and privateers. I honestly really enjoyed this book and would recommend this to lovers of historical fiction.

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