Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Talisman of El

Talisman of El (Talisman of El, #1)Talisman of El by Alecia Stone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Talisman of El was a truly enjoyable story even tho I can't say that it was original. Alecia Stone did a wonderful job of taking thread from fantasy and mythology and religion as well as other stories and weaving them together to create something that stands as its own story.

We meet Charlie who is an orphan that has been moved around alot with different homes who finds out that there is another world that he is a part of (reminiscent of Harry Potter) He finds some wonderful friends and an end of the world mystery that is left to him to solve. Charlie and his friends find themselves at the center of the world meeting up with angels and demons and other mythological creatures. Charlie finds that life is not as he thinks.

This is an awesome adventure, fantasy, coming of age story that will appeal to readers of all ages but particulary those of middle school age to young adult. If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series I would suggest that you give this one a try. There's alot of similarities but it is a story all its own. This is definitely a series that I will continue and I am looking forward to the next book.

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  1. This sounds interesting, and i do enjoy fantasy and adventure. I might pick this one up :)


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