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Hollowmen (Book 2- the Hollows series)

Hollowmen (The Hollows, #2)

Hollowmen is the second book in the Hollows series by Amanda Hocking.  THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS, IF YOU HAVE NOT READ HOLLOWLAND STOP READING NOW, AND GO READ HOLLOWLAND!

The next installment of the Hollows series starts six months after the first book ends.  In this book Remy and Max meet up with a new group of people.  In the beginning Remy is in an operating room having experiments done on her, when zombies break into the government quarantine.  She manages to escape, and meets Tatum who leads her to a group of seven evacuees. After hearing a rumor that zombies don’t like the cold, the group decides to move north.  Along the way, the group not only loses members but also gains a few....not all of whom are an asset to the group.

Unfortunately, most of the first cast made an appearance in this book but not enough to really count.  It was the new list of characters that kept me coming back for more.  When the story starts out, you meet Officer Boden, who assumes leadership of the group and is determined to do whatever it takes to keep the group alive.  Bishop is back, and she adds a new twist to the storyline.  Remy’s doctor from the quarantine, Daniels, is also in the group.  At first Daniels seems to be strain on the group, but later it becomes evident that he plays an important role in the survival of the group.  Nolita is a soldier for the US Army.  Teddy seems to be a survivor from the quarantine, and Stella, the terrified but adorable six year old girl that’s found along the way.  As for the original group that Remy traveled with (Blue, Harlow, and Lazlo),there’s only a brief mention of them; which made me kind of sad. (That’s about all I can say about the characters from the previous book without giving away SPOILERS).

I know in my review for Hollowland (the first book in the Hollows series) I made a reference to the Resident Evil Movies.  I don’t know if any of you have watched Resident Evil: Extinction, but in the movie one of the character mentions that they heard a rumor that Alaska is “infection” free, so the character’s in the movie start trying to get to Alaska.  That’s along the lines of Hollowmen, except the destination is not Alaska.  I also made a reference to Remy being like Alice (From the Resident Evil movies), that Remy seemed to have supernatural abilities to kill the zombies in Hollowland.  In Hollowmen, Remy seems much more…normal (for lack of a better word.)  At the beginning of Hollowmen she is enduring an experiment, that later causes her to become very ill and forces her to show that she is simply a mortal girl with mortal problems like everyone else.

Much like in the first book (Hollowland), Hocking paints a story that holds events and people that would really happen if zombies took over the earth.  Not only is Remy forced to make tough decisions, but Max is as well.  Max is forced to make decisions that would appall most people, but Max makes them without hesitation.  Also, the group is forced to deal with the people left in the world who want to take advantage of others.

Over all, Hollowmen was not as graphic as Hollowland.  There was not as much gory and violence, but when there was a fight with a zombie (or humans for that matter), the story was very descriptive. (Meaning, even I was grossed out occasionally.)  The language didn’t seem to be as bad as in the first novel, but the “adult scenes” were still there.   I would be hesitant to let children read this book, because of the extremely disturbing scenes.  More than once I was so disturbed by what I had read, I had to put the book down and take a break. (And that’s saying something!)  I think it’s safe to say that the Hollowmen series is not for children or the faint of heart.  As a huge fan of horror/monster books, I love the series and think that Hocking did an amazing job in writing them.

On the downside, I downloaded the e-book from; there were a lot of typos in it.  I would hope that a physical copy of the book would not have these but I can’t be sure about that.  I found the typos to be very distracting, since every time I found a typo I spent about two minutes either trying to figure out what the word was supposed to be or complaining in my head that someone should have been paying better attention to the writing.  The typos are my only complaint.  So over all, I love the series and am really hoping that there will another book in the series out soon!

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