Monday, September 3, 2012

A Haunting Obsession

Rating: 4 stars

Wow, this book is definitely creepy-licious! Daryl is you're typical computer geek who just happens to be obsessed with Maxine Marie, who is obviously based on Marilyn Monroe. Daryl soon finds himself in trouble with his long time girlfriend Loretta after he buys a piece of Maxine Marie memorabilia instead of her birthday present. Soon after the purchase, and subsequent fight with Loretta, Daryl is confronted with the ghost of Maxine Marie who seems very much alive. Agent Rebecca Burton is soon called in to deal with the matter.

This was such a fun read! It was not only super creepy but it was based on an icon that is familiar to everyone. The characters of Daryl and Loretta are your typical young couple dealing with one's obsession with a star that is thought to be out of reach. Its easy to see how Loretta would be hurt by Daryl's choice but she tries to reason that a dead and gone starlett can't compare to flesh and blood. Little does she know how things can change. I love the tactics of Agent Burton. She doesn't do their work for them, only assists and points them in the right direction to fix the problem.

Overall, I loved this read! It was a fun ghost story with a sprinkle of adult fun, making it a not for kids story. But one most adults will enjoy. Its perfect for Halloween.


  1. Great review so looking forward to having Rj on my blog for the tour very very soon :)

  2. This looks cute! I'm gonna have to see if my library carries it!

  3. Interesting premise ...

  4. Interesting Thanks for sharing that review


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