Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Better Days by Rachel Hamilton

Book description: Live Life Now! What are you waiting for? A better time? A nicer day? All we really have is this moment, this day. Time keeps moving on, so make the most of life. Live life now! Make each step-each breath-count. Better Days is a beautiful collection of uplifting poetry that reminds us to find beauty and joy in each day. We may be struggling as a nation, but better days are to come. And if we open our eyes and choose to see the good in the world right now, the better days will already be here.

My review: 3 of 5 stars.
Better Days is a book of poetry/ song lyrics from the heart of. Rachel Hamilton. I quite enjoyed the meaning and heart behind the lyrics as well as the descriptions of each that she included. I had a difficult time getting the flow of many of the poems/songs though. As a poet myself I am aware that in each poet's own mind things flow differently, but taken of it's own accord the words on the page did not seem to flow to me. I must add though, that my favorite of all of the lyrics in this book is titled "This Heart of Mine". It absolutely spoke volumes to me even though once again I couldn't quite hear the flow as I read.

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