Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Free: The Little Red Book of Romance by T.H. Dillon

Title: The Little Red Book of Romance: Author: Thomas Hunter Dillon Free: June 11-15

EXCERPT: (from the all-new story "FANtasy")

After pressing the button for the 53rd floor, Zach quickly flashed a glance over at the mystery beauty and acknowledged her with a polite smile and a calm “You’re welcome”. Once he had done so, he tried to avert his eyes to avoid making her feel uncomfortable. Zach looked up at the ceiling of the elevator….mirrors. Then he glanced over at the back wall of the elevator….mirrors. But what he saw in them was the reflection of a beautiful stranger with a stare planted firmly on him. He finally dropped his head to pretend he was looking at the floor of the elevator, only there was a problem with that….more mirrors! Now if he stared too long at the floor of the elevator, he could be accused of trying to peep up the slinky black dress of his guest in the elevator. There was simply no way he could avoid looking at her. Her petite voice pierced the awkward silence once more. “72nd floor?” she questioned. Zach was hoping to be there soon, so he could avoid any more awkward conversation. He glanced up at the digital floor-counter above the elevator doors. 9th floor! This awkward conversation was just beginning. With that he turned his attention to the mystery beauty opposite him in the elevator. “Yep, that’s me!” he said shyly as he met her eyes with his. “Isn’t everything above the 70th floor a suite or a penthouse?” she curiously mused. “I honestly have no idea miss. This is my first time ever staying here.” Her curiosity began to grow more now. She started to eye Zach up and down to get a good look at him. Zach suddenly became uneasy because he knew how this always ended for him. Or at least he thought he did. As he expected her too, the mysterious woman ceased to relent with her questioning. “Say….you must be someone important if you’re staying on the 72nd floor,” she pondered out loud. “Or have a good night at the blackjack tables!” he quickly joked. The momentary laughter their shared over that statement served to ease Zach’s tension for only a matter of minutes. Zach didn’t know what to say next and neither did the mystery beauty. He glanced up again at the floor-counter above the doors, thinking he had successfully dodged a bullet. 14th floor! This elevator was quickly becoming a prison of sorts and Zach’s anxiety grew. He wondered the likelihood of them making it to the 53rd floor before the inevitable happened. Probably not he thought to himself. He glanced back over at his co-pilot on this magic carpet ride and found her still intently fixated on him with her stare. “So Mr. Lucky-at-blackj ack…..what’s your name?” she politely asked. “Zach,” he responded. “That’s funny,” she noted. “I drove up today for a book-signing at the book shop on the other side of the resort. The author’s name was Zachary Disdain,” she smirked. “You don’t say?” Zach said with a twinge of sarcasm. “Yeah, you know the romance author, Zachary Disdain?” “No ma’am….can’t say as I know him.” “I suppose not,” the mystery woman suggested. “Most men don’t read romance novels anyways.” “You can say that again!” Zach quickly joked.


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