Saturday, April 26, 2014

Humming of Numbers

The Humming of NumbersThe Humming of Numbers by Joni Sensel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thought this was quite an interesting read. Aiden is a young novice monk, getting ready to take his final vows to enter the monastery. Living in 11th century Ireland and coming from a large family, he really has few options open to him. He also has a special talent that allows him to hear numeric vibrations from everything and everyone around him. He meets up with Lana who has been drug to the monastery by her biological father, and he hears an 11. This is the highest number he has ever heard from a person. He soon learns there is much more to her besides an 11.

After meeting Lana, a raid by Vikings is thrown into the mix and this gives a little drama and adventure to the story. We learn more about Lana and Aiden through all this but its never really explained why he hears numbers. Quite possibly its a form of synesthesia which really could not be explained at this time in history.

Overall, I really enjoyed this YA book. Even with the violence its not too over the top for the age group. It drew me in from the beginning and I had difficulty putting it down.

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