Friday, April 4, 2014

Mate of the Tsatrya

Mate of the TsatryaMate of the Tsatrya by Ann T. Ryan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The premise behind Mate of the Tsatrya is all about angels and demons: an angel was seduced by a demon and produced the Tsatrya. That sounds like an awesome story. Why did we not get that story? But instead, all these millennia later, we get this story about a guy who falls in love with a Tsatrya leader. The story surrounds the love story between Joseph and Mykael and there is very little world building to go along with it.

The characters of Joseph and Mykael are ok characters. Joseph is human and has never considered himself to be homosexual but finds himself in love with Mykael. But he doesn't dwell on this as a personal issue, he gets passed it pretty easily (too easily to be believed.) Mykael is a very strong character, used to doing what he wants when he wants and is very dominant. Likewise, the sex scenes with Mykael and Joseph were also pretty one sided and mostly the same. (view spoiler) Also, the side characters are there but not really important to the story. They could have added much more to it.

It all left me with a lot of questions. Questions about their history and their world as well as the stories of Jess and Gilliam. Overall, it was an ok read but had the potential to be much more.

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