Monday, July 28, 2014

Being Mrs. Dracula

Being Mrs. DraculaBeing Mrs. Dracula by Faith Marlow

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Wow! What a read! This is Dracula told from a completely different angle--- the POV of his wives (yes, that's right, more than one).

Written as a diary, beginning with the first wife Valeria, we are introduced to a woman who is full of hope for a happy marriage. She is very much in love with her new husband but he is soon called off to war and comes back a changed man. As the war continues and more wives are added to the story, the POV changes to the different women in Dracula's life. They are each very different women and their love for each other is sometimes strained and sometimes very strong. I love how the story is told by the different women as they write in their journals. Its full of their sadness and anger and also for their love for each other.

Along with the relationships with each other we also see how they are perceived by humans. Humans tend to fear what they don't understand and the vampire family was often persecuted out of fear having to move from country to country to survive.

If you enjoy a good vampire read this is an awesome story to pick up. A great read that I look forward to continuing in the next installment.

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