Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Last Testament: A Memoir By God

The Last Testament: A Memoir by GodThe Last Testament: A Memoir by God by David Javerbaum

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This is a tell-all book from God and it is absolutely dripping with satire. I loved it but I have a twisted sense of humore. This book is not for everyone to say the least. If you are deeply religious or easily offended then don't pick up this book. It is guaranteed to offend Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike and plays no favorites.

God decides to write a tell all book to not only correct stories in the bible that people got wrong but also to fill in the blanks as to how he has spent life. We hear about his marriage to Ruth and the raising of their three children as well as stories such as Adam and Steve and how Moses really talked.

It was not a book that I could sit down and read in one sitting. A little of it went a long way and the monologue got a bit old after a while. I admit it, I skimmed the last part. However, it is one that I thought humorous instead of offensive as I am not deeply religious. If you are easily offended by religious satire then do not pick this one up.

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