Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sebastian the GreatSebastian the Great by Scylar Tyberius

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a coming of age story of an unbelievably perfect boy who discovers as a teen that he is gay and falls in love with a boy who has just moved to the area. We see the inner struggles that he goes thru when he is still trying to admit it to himself and to the boy he is in love with. You also see the reaction of those he later comes out to. Some, those that are closest to him, are very accepting and others not so much. And some are very aggressive and angry as if its their business who he's in love with. Its very easy to get pulled into their teen drama as well as the very grown up struggles of bigotry and ignorance of some of those he comes into contact with.

With that being said Sebastian had the feel of being too good to be true. I understand the reasoning for this but at the same time some of his abilities went far beyond the norm. And there was a scene early on when one of his friends committed suicide that I thought was lacking. More should have occured there, no once called the police or ambulance but I won't elaborate due to spoilers.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It gives a good look into the feelings someone goes thru when they are exploring their sexuality and finding out its not what they anticipated. Ian kept saying "Why can't I be normal?" but really what is normal for one is not someone elses normal and he comes to understand this. Ian also finds out he has alot of obstacles and there are alot of haters in the world, luckily he has an equally wonderful support system which makes a huge difference. Many aren't so lucky.

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