Monday, December 16, 2013

Deborah's Story

Deborah's Story (Women of the Bible)Deborah's Story by Ann Burton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a fictional account of the early years of Deborah's life. Deborah was born into slavery and her mother was killed by an abusive master when Deborah was very small. She grew up believing her life had no worth and hid her gift of prophecy as best she could.

Deborah was a strong female character. Despite her negative self worth and low self esteem she did what she felt was right. She put herself in jeopardy in order to help others.

I'm no biblical scholar. I don't know if it follows the biblical account of Deborah's life. But considering this is a work of fiction I don't see how that is really relevant. The author did a wonderful job of breathing life into her characters and showing the way of life during this time in history. The division between the classes and the different groups of people was a big part of society and made things especially hard on those at the bottom which were the slaves.

Overall, I enjoyed the story of Deborah as I have all of Ann Burton's books. If you like historical fiction, particularly religious fiction you should give this as well as the others in this series a try.

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