Friday, December 6, 2013

Hunger Moon

Hunger Moon Excerpt

"Mick!" Victoria called after the straying puppy.

She felt the intruder before she saw him.

Every hair on her body stood on end, and a chill ran the length of her spine. A snarl erupted from her throat, and she whirled to face the intruder threatening the pups. She lunged to her feet and then froze upon coming face-to-face with Logan.

He stood in the kitchen with the yelping Mick at his feet. She had no clue how he could have gotten into the cabin undetected. It should not have been possible. On the couch, Sylvie realized the danger and had succumbed to horrified paralysis.

Logan smiled, and a chunk of ice formed in her gut. His amber eyes glimmered with reflected fire from the only source of light in the room. She feared the puppy was as good as dead.

"Hey there, boy, aren't you precious. Who's the cute one?" Logan sank to a crouch. His huge hands wrapped around the cub, and he lifted the puppy from the ground. He held Mick against his chest and stroked his finger across the top of the cub's head.

Innocent to the danger, Mick yipped and licked Logan's jaw. Her heart broke just to look at them. She could not stand to lose another cub. She did not have it in her to withstand another senseless death or another heartbreaking funeral.

Sensing the danger to her pup, Sophia lunged to her feet. She stood with her head low and her tail bristling. A growl rumbled from her throat.

Victoria's head jerked toward the mother wolf. "Sophia, stay!"

"Goddess, help us." Praying aloud, Sylvie snatched up Gypsy from the floor. She retreated toward the bedroom, carrying the other two cubs.

Victoria would beg if it would save Mick's life. "Logan, let him go. He's innocent. He's done nothing to harm you."

Logan stared at her hard. For a second, he seemed uncertain, but then a cold mask rendered his expression unfathomable. "You think I want to hurt him?"

She edged forward a step. "I think you want to hurt me, and he's convenient, but you don't have to use him to get to me. I'm right here."

Logan's fingers flexed, stroking Mick's head. He had an odd look on his face that confused and frightened her worse than any threat. "What would you sacrifice for him?"

"My throat.My life.Anything. You have my word I'll surrender to you. Please, please, let him go." Tears filled her eyes, and she begged without a semblance of pride.





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