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Flight of the Griffen

Thanks to author CM Gray for stopping by the Cotton Patch and offering such a great giveaway. Up for grabs is an ecopy of his book Flight of the Griffen being given away internationally.

The Flight of the Griffin by C.M.Gray - A YA Fantasy - Book Description

Living in their old boat ‘The Griffin’ four young boys and their guide become the unlikely heroes at the end of time when a burglary sets them on the path to finish the ‘Last great Spell’ - a spell to stop the balance of the World tipping into Chaos...

They become Magician, Thief, Priest and Fighter when a magical book guides them upon a quest that pits them against magic, demons and ‘The Hawk,’ an evil hunter of men.

Join a race against time to find three crystal skulls that must be brought together, while all the forces of Chaos try everything to stop them!

The Flight of the GriffinThe Flight of the Griffin by C.M. Gray

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.

A truly enjoyable read! This is a wonderful adventure story for middle grade age or for those of us that are still young at heart. It has great characters, magic, action, and adventure that make it such a fun read.

Pardigan, is a young theif, that helps himself to the treasure of a greedy merchant. In his loot there is a magic book and knife that make heroes into himself and his friends and sends them on a wonderful adventure. Pursued by the agents of Chaos, the greedy merchant and his hired mercenaries as well as the demons that have been conjured up, the boys along with Mara (a shap shifting girl) travel to distant lands to fulfill thier quest. All the characters, including the bad guys, are brought to life being very believable. Even tho the merchant is one of the bad guys, you can understand why he wants to get back what was stolen from him. My only issue is that the boys seem to be much older than they are supposed to be. I would have thought that they were older teens instead of around 12.

The storyline itself flows wonderfully. I love how their adventure takes them to distant lands and they meet different peoples (The Hidden was one of my favorite). Once I started it was hard to put down, even though things like work and eating and sleeping required it.

Overall, I loved the story. The characters were great. This was a very fun read and would recommend it to anyone who just loves a good story. Perfect especailly for a younger audience.

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About the Author - C.M.Gray

Born in Essex, England C.M.Gray has since been lucky enough to live and travel in many
countries around the world. In fact he has lived more time outside of England than living there! Home now is just outside of Barcelona, Spain in a house in the middle of the forest with his Dutch born wife and two children.
C.M.Gray’s writing is mostly fantasy and many of the experiences he has had in Asia, Africa and the Middle East come to life in his writing. The Flight of the Griffin follows the adventures of a group of young orphans as they battle demons and bandits on a magical quest to stop the world tipping into Chaos, while his second book, Shadowland blends fantasy with history as an old story teller takes his audience back to Britain's dark ages in a pre Arthurian legend.

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  1. Flight of the Griffin sounds like an interesting read. There's something charming about kids banded together in a quest. And I love the idea of distant realms and strange people :)


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