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Excerpt From First Time

First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch

"What if history didn't happen that way ... the first time?"

Garison Fitch was one of the most revered scientists in the Soviet Americas until he left fame behind to work on a secret project in his log cabin in the mountains of Marx.

But something went wrong. Instead of traveling interdimentionally, Garison has traveled through time ... twice.

Now, he's in something called "The United States of America" and a woman he's never met before is calling herself his wife. It it a hoax? Or, has he somehow changed history?

If so, can he return the world to what he believes is "normal", or must he live in this strange world he created?



"Sam continues to weave his magic as a storyteller. I always find myself anxious to find out what will happen next and what kind of twist will befall the adventurers. It helps to be familiar with the places that the heroines go, which adds to the story."

~Labdaddy, Texas

"I've had a few very unproductive but enjoyable days thanks to Samuel Ben White. If you haven't read Sam's books you have been missing a treat. These were funny, suspenseful, spiritual and kept you turning the pages."

~Karen S.

"Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your books. I have a Kindle and I have purchased all of the Garison Fitch novels. I am in Saudi Arabia and your books have really helped take me away from here."

~Scott, Saudi Arabia

Also Part of the Series:

Saving Time

Two years ago Garison Fitch traveled through time and rewrote history. An accident in
the eighteenth century created a whole new world, and even gave Garison a wife he had never met before. Now, he’s got a daughter and he’s coming to enjoy this world he created. Until he’s attacked by men masquerading as Indians, and a funeral procession from out of the past enlists his help, and a tree grows from sappling to full-grown in a matter of minutes, threatening his daughter’s very life. Time itself is unraveling and Garison’s trips through time seem to be the cause. Garison must go back in time once again and keep himself from making the original trip that started the problem. But he can’t use his time machine to go back. How does one sew up a rip in time?

Lost Time

Jason Kerrigan and Brownwyn Dalmouth are pilots with the Republic of Texas Army Air Corps. A world war is going on and bombs have just brought an end to Crockett Air Field in south Texas. Jason and Bronwyn, though, are called away from the battle to be test pilots for a new aircraft that-they're told-will bring the war to an end. The experimental craft lives up to expectations in early tests, but then it lands them somewhere it never should have sent them. Another place? Another time? Another dimension? Somehow, they've taken a trip to the future and changed the past. Or did they? The answer to their change of reality may be known to a Justice of the Peace in Colorado named Garison Fitch. To figure it out, though, Garison may have to team up with his least favorite person: Bat Garrett.


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Author Samuel Ben White

Samuel Ben White (“Sam” to his friends) is the author of the national newspaper comic
strip “Tuttle’s” (found at and the on-line comic book “Burt & the I.L.S.” (found at He is married and has two sons. He serves his community as both a minister at a small church and a chaplain with hospice. In addition to his time travel stories, Sam has also written and published detective novels, a western, three fantasy novels and four works of Christian fiction.


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"You know, I slip into Japanese territory occasionally, and I hear things. You may have already heard this, but the Japanese are about to sign a pact with the Argentines."

"I heard that rumor," Garison nodded. "You think there's truth to it?"

Tex nodded, "'Fraid so. The man I know is butler to the governor of New Misawa. His master is one of the dignitaries that's down there right now negotiating. They are supposed to sign the papers any day now. Might already be a done deal. My friend let me know because he's worried."

For just an old cowboy, Tex knew an awful lot; belying the idea that he was just an old cowboy. This was the reason he had never even been allowed near Fitch's barn. Garison genuinely liked Tex, and considered him a friend if anyone was. Still, all that indoctrination he had received made him hold back. So Garison had just let hints drop here and there that would do nothing more than confuse.

"How does Texas feel about all this?" Garison asked.

"Little scared, I think. If a war breaks out, Texas won't be in it right at first, but we will be right in the middle. We're bound to get dragged into the fray eventually." He forced a laugh and said, "'Course, some people think all the big countries are going to destroy each other and Texas will just step in and rule the world in the aftermath."

"Sounds plausible."

"We'll just have to wear radiation suits to work."

"Sounds very plausible," Garison nodded. He used to think it would be Argentina who would pick up the pieces, but now it seemed that they would be participating, too. Gravely, he asked, "Tell me the truth: do you really think it could mean war? I mean, I've heard this kind of thing all my life."

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  1. Thanks for participating in the blog tour and for printing this excerpt! Hope you enjoyed my novel "First Time" (reviews are appreciated)

  2. Thanks for participating in the blog tour and for printing this excerpt! Hope you enjoyed my novel "First Time" (reviews are appreciated)


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