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Interview With Author EB Black

Interview with author E.B. Black

Thanks for letting me be a part of this blog tour and agreeing to be interviewed.

Thanks for having hosting me on your blog!

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

One of my favorite things to talk about are my two dogs, Izzy and Mika. They're rottweilers and they have a lot of personality!
Izzy lays around all day and loves people. Mika anxiously guards us and licks those he loves obsessively. They fight like they are brother and sister.

How long have you been writing and have you always been interested in mythology? Do you write other genres?

I've always loved greek mythology, since I first started studying the gods and reading the Odyssey in middle school.
I also write fantasy, paranormal, and romance novels of several kinds, though!

Is there a certain place that you prefer to write? Or draw inspiration for your writing?

I actually write on my laptop while sitting on my bed. Sometimes this leads me to take naps and during one of these naps, I wound up rolling over my laptop and breaking my screen!

Do you listen to music when you write?

I'm unusual because I don't listen to music while writing, but I do sometimes listen to the television while writing.

What writers have influenced you?

Stephenie Meyer taught me that I could write about fantasy, sci-fi, or the paranormal and still direct the novels at women.
J.K. Rowling made me fall in love with World Building.

Please tell us a bit about Medusa’s Desire.

Medusa's Desire is about a woman who started out as one of the most beautiful people in the world and was transformed into someone so hideous that people turned into stone when they looked at her. It's about her learning how to live on and love when she thought her life was over. It deals with body image issues that many women struggle with.

This is an interesting twist on this myth, what gave you this idea?

I was terrified of Medusa when I was a child. I was worried that she was real and that when she turned people into stone, they lost their souls.
When I grew-up, I found out that she was raped in Athena's temple by Poseidon and punished for it by being transformed into one of the most infamous monsters of all time.
She's a victim and she's misunderstood. I wanted to write a story from her perspective.

What kind of research went into the Medusa’s Desire Series?

I researched as much as possible about Perseus, Medusa, and all the people surrounding them. I typed up their myths until I had them memorized in a word document and tried to find a way to make each event into something new. The myth is the same, but you won't see how it works completely until you reach the end of the story.

How long did it take to write?

It took me six months to write, but many more months to get it ready for publication.

How many books are planned for the Death of Eros series?

So far, I have ideas for a novella and three more novels in my head. The novella will be available for free once I'm finished with it. It's called Pandora's Mistake and it's a retelling of Pandora's Box and the real reason she decided to open it: true love.

I really like the cover art for your book, can you tell us who designs them?

That's very flattering because I actually designed them myself! It was the first time I ever used photoshop and it took me about two weeks to get everything to my liking.

Do you have any other projects in mind at this time?

Besides the Death of Eros Series, I'm also working on a romantic trilogy about necromancers.

Thanks again for letting me do this interview.

Thanks for having me!

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