Sunday, July 15, 2012

In the Mailbox

Here are some new reads that have come my way this weekend.

Calling Crow


First in a powerful new trilogy capturing the unbreakable spirit of a proud people. When an army of Spanish conquistadors descend upon the land that is now known as Georgia and South Carolina, the peaceful Muskogee are forced into captivity . . . and Calling Crow, their beloved chief, is enslaved. But he vows to free his people.

Voluspa: A Magical World


Amy, a forlorn fifteen year old girl from NYC, never thought that she would attend school on a magical mountain with wild animals as her classmates and that she would go to a prom on a flying carpet. Its love at first sight when Drake- a shape shifter rescues her from a pre-historic beast and befriends her. Little does she know that Drake’s father is the tyrannical leader who has always wanted Amy and her kind dead. In her struggle to challenge the supremacy in the magical world, she realizes her powers, confronts aspects about herself that she may not be comfortable with, makes lasting friends while excelling in her school - something which she had not been able to do in her human world. All hell breaks loose, as Drake goes missing and Voluspan mercenaries try to hunt Amy down. Amy and her friends use strategic warfare, pit adversaries among themselves and use every last drop of strength, skill and courage as they take on warriors far more ruthless and skilled than themselves. But Amy is in for a rude shock when she finally finds Drake.

Other Systems

Ten large ships race toward Earth, broadcasting in every language: "Brothers and sisters, we come in peace and in need. We have found our way home." The fear of a coming invasion begins the worldwide riots of 3062.

Yet, not all Earthlings fear attack. The newcomers, long lost descendants of Earth, speak of a paradise ninety-four light years away. Kipos is a land of plenty where there has never been hunger, murder, or war. However, they need more healthy young immigrants for the colony to thrive.

Many accept their offer to be tested. After assessment, Abby Boyd Lei is among the chosen. She leaves the protection of her family with dreams of higher education, a good job, and a kind-hearted spouse.

Will Kipos be everything she imagined? Abby is about to discover the cost of utopia.

Revenge of the Little Match Girl (Zombie Fairy Tales #7)


When no one will buy her matches, a homeless orphan freezes to death dreaming of the life she never had. But when she reawakens as the undead, she is given another chance to set the world on fire.

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