Monday, July 9, 2012

Zombie Cinderella II

Zombie Cinderella II: The Ball (Zombie Fairy Tales #6)Zombie Cinderella II: The Ball by Kevin Richey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book for review.

This is the second part of the Zombie Cinderella story. As with the other Zombie Fairytales, this is a definite twist on the disney version. The step sisters have made it to the ball and Cinderella is right behind them. The Prince is an evil character in his own right, altho I will refrain from saying why and adding a spoiler. Other zombie characters from previous stories make an appearance along the way as well.

For all its goreyness there is a thread of humor woven throughout the story. There are places that you can't help but laugh despite the horrificness of what is going on. Its definitely an entertaining, delightfully wicked tale that has a sense of justice about it. All the bad guys get their due so to speak.

I recommend this to anyone over 18 (simply because of violence) who loves a good zombie tale and is looking for something a bit different.

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  1. I love zombie books, so when I saw these spin offs, I didn't even have to read the blurb to know that I wanted to read this series.

    Thanks for the review. I am really looking forward to picking this up!


  2. Zombie books! lol sounds awesome!
    new follower!

  3. LOL - What a great and original concept! If my kids could see that this kind of book even exists that would think it's hilarious. They are sooo into zombies, but not to the extent that they would be ready for this kind of book (not even close!) I'm visiting from the Book Blog Hop and I'm following you on Pinterest on through GFC. Just wanted to leave you a quick word to make sure you've seen our Summer Reading Weekly Book Giveaway. We are giving away free children's books all summer long and the giveaways are open internationally. Week #2 is ON! Thanks so much and have a great week. Cheers, Renee


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