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RevampRevamp by Beck Sherman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book for my review.

When I first received this book I was a bit daunted by the size of it. It is a rather long book, but well worth every page.

A well orchestrated black out brought about the downfall of the human population in the United States and the uprising of the vampire nation. A handfull of people found each other amidst the turmoil and vowed to fight against this. Full of characters that are really brought to life and relationship that feel very realistic. They aren't love affairs that spring up over night and some you even wonder where they are headed by the time the book ends.

Vampire theories are tested that have been found throughout movie and literary history. Some are found to be valid and some not so much. Trust is also a big issue throughout the book. No one knows who they can trust and sometimes it works out and sometimes not so much. That goes back to those believable characters and relationship. It feels like it would in life in such circumstances.

Stories are woven within stories as we learn the background of those humans and some of the vampires that are important in the story. All these threads are woven together to make a wonderful overall story. I would love to have a prequel to find out more answers to my questions as to the how and why of the vampire uprising. I also hope there is a sequel so we can find out what the future holds to this wonderful group of characters that are fighting for the human race.

I would recommend it to be for readers over 18 simply because at times its a bit violent and bloody, but it is vampires after all. If you enjoy a good horror laced with just the right amount of humor then this is the book for you. Loved it!

“Men with power had the responsibility to know what was best, and they so rarely did.”

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