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Thanks to author Tonya Cannariato for stopping by on her blog tour and for sending us this interesting character post.

Synopsis of Dementional:

Mark Inman has two loves: particle physics and Sarah. She agrees to become his wife at the same time his experiment to find the Higgs boson goes off the rails.

Journey with Mark while his existence melts and reforms in unpredictable ways as the veils between realities thin. His exploration of the minutiae of quantum physics builds a fascinating tapestry of alternate universes.

His search for survival, and the search for meaning and what is real, drive Mark as he experiences lives he never dreamed possible. His only touchstones: find Sarah and find his way home.

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About the Author

A voracious reader since she was a toddler, and an ordained spiritualist, Tonya

Cannariato has now presided over the marriage of her love of reading and her love of writing. She’s lived a nomadic life, following first her parents in their Foreign Service career through Africa, Europe, and Asia, and then her own nose criss-crossing America as she’s gotten old enough to make those choices for herself. She’s currently based in Milwaukee with her three loves: her husband and two Siberian Huskies. She suspects her Huskies of mystical alchemy with their joyous liberation of her muse and other magical beings for her inspiration. She loves to sleep, to watch her interesting dreams, some of which are now finding new life in written form.

Character Post - Mark Inman

Hi, Flora, I appreciate the chance to visit a blog where the author is obviously a reader and a book-lover. I can appreciate anyone who has the intellectual curiosity to take a different perspective, though I can't say I've always enjoyed fiction, myself. I met my wife while taking what I considered a throw-away course on technology in Hollywood film. My perspective at the time was that truth is always better than fiction.

Having lived through some truly strange experiences, I wish I hadn't been so closed to the ability to appreciate an alternate perspective. It might have helped me have the mental flexibility to understand what was going on sooner.

Certainly, my wife proved an invaluable asset in adjusting to the changes we faced. I would have argued before those experiences that a scientific perspective was all that was necessary to be able to reason my way out of any trouble. I'm still not certain how we normalized our lives, but my traditional, scientific logic had very little to do with the resolution of our issue.

That's not to say that the scientific method failed me entirely. It's useful to approach problems with questions and test solutions against expectations, measuring outcomes empirically. But my story also tells me that there are things we don't have the tools to measure, and while I have a hypothesis about where my experiments went wrong, I'm not sure any more that science has all the answers.

I have a new appreciation for the balance emotions can bring to a cerebral inclination, and I'm more thankful than ever that Sarah consented to be my wife--not only in my original world, but in every world we visited together. I hope others are able to frame some of the fundamental questions they face with that dual recognition of the balance of logic and emotion; I hope that my story helps provide that framework.


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