Saturday, November 3, 2012


OriginOrigin by Jessica Khoury

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved this read! Was tempted to give this a 5 star rating but decided I couldn't quite stretch my rating that high. There is so much going on in this book and the story keeps you tied to it til the very end where everything is wrapped up nicely as it should be.

Pia is an immortal girl, born in the jungle in a secret laboratory. She is bio-engineered to be what she is and is only one of her kind. Raised in the jungle, she is kept away from the outside world. Not only is she not allowed to venture out of Little Cam but she isn't allowed to learn anything about the world outside. But teens thirsty for knowing what they've been told they shouldn't know about tend to find a way. With the help and the love of Eio her eyes are opened to the world around her.

Pia is a wonderful character. She is so real that we feel her turmoil with the decisions that she is forced to make. She's so torn between what she is and what she wants to be and she has to learn for herself what is right and what is wrong. Eio is a wonderful match to Pia. He brings out the part of her that wants to be free and know the trutch. Their love is a love that all of us wish for.

The story line itself also deals with so many different issues espcially with the scientific community. Just like with Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, just becuase we can do something does that mean we should? What price is too high for the quest for knowledge? And when we get that knowledge what do we do with it?

Overall, I loved this book. I would recommend this to anyone that loves a YA read with a sci/fi twist to it. Its a wonderful stand alone novel, and even though the epilogue gives a chance for a second novel I hope it doesn't happen. This book is great as is.

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  1. The story about Pia looks very interesting...Thanks for the review.

  2. Great review I've seen the cover of this book before online but I never checked out what it was about. It sounds quite good.
    Amy @ TeenyReader

    1. It was quite good Amy. And I will be offering my copy of this book in the upcoming hop that starts next week. Stop by then for your chance to win it.


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